A safari in the heart of Paris

Cross a rhinoceros at La Villette or a fox in Montmartre, yes, it is possible! To see the streets of the capital from a new angle, go quickly to the site www.juliennonnon.com to discover the work of the artist Julien Nonnon (no, no, it's not a nickname), which mixes street art, architecture and digital creations. In the middle of the night, he settles in a few minutes in a district of Paris, projects his funny creations of wild animals restyled on the facades of the buildings and realizes series of photographs of a new kind.

On your next night out, look up. Perhaps you will have the chance to cross these transient ephemeral eagle graffiti, cheetah bomber or gorilla with braces.

Otherwise, relive the last bestiary escapade of the artist on video:

Video: Montmartre Is The Heart Of Paris (December 2019).


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