A pill that turns into Roger Federer?

Sculpt his abs and his biceps without lifting a finger? Many people dream about it. Science may allow it. Without the need to spread the body of electrodes to the effectiveness a little doubtful. No, tomorrow, it will be enough to swallow a tablet to become an athlete. This is the little miracle announced by the "sports pills".

In the review Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, two researchers, Shunchang Li from Beijing Sports University, China, and Ismail Laher, from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, analyzed the potential of eight molecules currently tested on animals. And their findings are encouraging: yes, simple tablets can replicate some of the effects of physical activity, including strengthening skeletal muscles (the first to be affected by inactivity) and improving endurance. This is a good hope for people suffering from obesity, type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Pathologies that limit their physical activity. Do these pills cause as much well-being as an hour of jogging or swimming? Do they also help reduce the level of stress and anxiety? Scientists still do not know about it until tests have been conducted on humans. Just as they do not know if long-lasting medication can lead to possible side effects. In short, do not rejoice too quickly. Our sneakers are not going to rot in the closet anytime soon.

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