Cruise: 5 tips to choose your cabin

Are you considering a getaway on one of these giants of the seas? Our advice to combine comfort and pleasure.

Prefer an outdoor cabin right away

Even if it costs a little more than an interior, without windows, you will enjoy the sea air, the sea view and arrivals in the ports.

If you like your privacy, opt for a balcony

Unlike the cabins with portholes on the bridge-walks, no passenger will pass in front of your window.

For a cruise of more than a week, do not hesitate to offer a suite, if your budget allows

You will enjoy much more space and comfort. For about 500 € more per person compared to a balcony cabin.

If you are sensitive to seasickness, ask to stay in the center of the ship

In heavy weather, the feeling of pitch is less important in the middle of the boat than at its ends.

If you are a light sleeper, avoid lower decks, closer to engines

Be careful also to get away from the theater, discotheques, swimming pools and lifts, necessarily noisy. As much information to specify during your booking in travel agency.

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