Airport, train station ... and if we get rid of the chore parking?

Are you ready to park your car for two weeks at the airport? Some start-ups offer to do it for you and save you money.

Valet, please!

Leave your car at the "drop-off" instead of walking for miles between the car park and the terminal or the train station, it's tempting, especially if it's cheaper! This is the promise of Ector, a company founded in 2013 and already tested by 50,000 travelers: in front of more than twenty airports and stations of the Hexagon (+ Geneva and Brussels), its valet in yellow vests are waiting for you , help you to unload your luggage, park your coach in a secure car park and then re-deposit it at the return (we adjust the schedule with the valet via the app or site). Better? You can request a total cleaning during your trip (50 to 60 euros), refueling or a small overhaul. "The vehicle is fully insured by the MMA - the valet takes pictures at the start - and the keys are kept in a secure safe," reassures Manoel Roy, confusing Ector. And as the company builds partnerships with more remote parking (hotel parking, etc.), the service - valet included - remains cheaper than the most expensive parking at the airport or train station.

Low prices

Boxx'in (in Toulouse-Blagnac) and Travelcar, which boasts 1,000,000 users in 50 countries and PSA shares among its shareholders, also promise cheaper parking with optional, valet parking (around 20 euros return or Free Shuttle). The heart of Travelcar's offer remains the "collaborative rental": on, you can opt for parking alone, or decide to rent your car to other individuals. Parking then becomes free, and we earn around 5 cents per kilometer traveled. Precision? Those who are only interested in parking savings will find unbeatable offers via the comparator: but to them to manage to reach the station or the airport!

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